Greetings Ladies, Gentlemen and other equally naughty filth aficionados and welcome to July’s Delectably Dirty Dungeon of Delicious Di…..um…..Stuff! Here in my nasty little pleasure parlor, chained up tightly, caned frequently and locked away in their cells (Okay, their pages! Just roll with it!), you will find all the details of not only my latest literary erotic endeavors, but all of my previously published raunchy ramblings too! Everything you need to know about my tawdry tales of tails getting tapped in one great coconut oil covered lubrication….I mean location! You get a chance to see titles, covers, blurbs, excerpts and reviews of everything in my current catalog as well as links to buy and review yourself! So sit back, relax, grab a crop or cuff yourself to your keyboard (Whatever your kink! I won’t judge, but may write about it!) and enjoy! ~ July!



July’s Most Recent Raunchy Ramblings!

For your reading pleasure, I have not 1, but 2 naughty tales my faithful filthy followers featuring the dirtiest girl I know…..ME! So tag along on my dripping wet adventures and find out just what kind of slippery mess I get myself into when I accept a mysterious offer to meet my biggest fan at a XXX convention!

Each story entails all of the details of my filth fueled escapades with my super sexy super fan, but you my devoted legion of fornicating followers get the real treat as you get to share the experience from both points of view! That’s right, each story tells all the slicked up dirt of every slurp, slobber and hammering thrust from the perspective of one of the principal participants! So you get to choose between reading my innermost nasty thoughts as I bend over for a total stranger or learn what is going on in the mind of my enigmatic host as he bends me over and makes me his plaything. Better still, you can pick up a copy of each and experience both sides of this naughty adventure for yourself!

Curious to learn more? Follow the links below for further details and purchasing links!

Bending Over For You

Bending Over For Me



Also available is my Bending Over Bundle featuring my 2 most recent erotic ramblings packaged together with the adventure that started it all, Bending Over For Jeff! That’s right! The Bending Over Bundle contains volumes 1 to 3 of all of my Bending Over adventures starring Me in 1 collection! For sale now on Amazon!

July Cumming - Bending Over Bundle 1-3

Curious to learn more? Follow the link below for further details and purchasing links!

Bending Over Bundle



July’s Dirty Disclaimer!

Author is not responsible for damaged keyboards, spunk encrusted monitors, your debilitating visual impairment as a result of failing to wear eye protection, the crippling carpal tunnel in both arms and your left foot, what you did to that chicken while attempting to cook with virgin coconut oil, or the criminal charges you now face for Crimes Against Nature and Indecent Liberties With An Inanimate Object! Repeated reading of her stories may result in permanent spinal injury, however the author would like to extend her congratulations on the discovery that your mouth really can reach!



An Interview With July Cumming!

This is a short interview I did a while back. Thought I would share it to let you know a little more about me.

Who are you now?
Someone who is determined, knowledgeable, always willing to learn and extremely open-minded.

Who were you yesterday?
A day younger version of myself. A little less wise and a smidge more rested.

Who do you dream to be?
I dream to be the kind of erotica author that makes you become a fan. One you can’t get enough of and pulls you back in for more. One that makes it in the top 100 erotica authors on Amazon. An author who gets praised and nominated for awards for the kinky tales I tell.

And if not that, then I dream to be a singer with big crimped hair in an ’80s cover band. I’d belt out pop tunes while dancing around wearing neon pink and scuffing up my purple Chucks.

I get three wishes right?

I also dream to be the independently wealthy woman walking along the remote white sand beach. To inhale the coconut scented breeze that rustles the palm trees and messes up that crimped hair. In hand, a never ending supply of frozen boozy drinks. The personal servant following behind me with the pitcher would always top it up when needed.

Who would you hate to be?
The person that doesn’t get at least of one the things mentioned above.

What do you do?
Well… I’m an adult entertainer, maybe a pornstar faker, more like a naughty story maker. I’m not a fighter but a lover, I’m a smut writer like no other. I make people squirm in their seat while they’re feeling the heat. I’m a sit-down comedian, a polite Canadian, a true friend to the very end. I’m a social butterfly, although I’m a tiny bit shy. I’m an indie author mentor and promoter, an advisor to make you a little wiser. I’m a flirt and a multitasker, working on becoming a master. I’m a procrastinator, innuendo instigator, and a sassy teaser just to please ya.

Other than that, not much.



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